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James W. McWhirter, III, started the business in September, 1961, with one 
dozer, one lowboy trailer and a truck.  By July, 1969, the business had grown to 10
pieces of equipment and 10 employees, at which time it was incorporated.  During
the early years the majority of the company's work included sub-divisions and
apartment site grading for local builders.  

In 1973 the business had grown to 40 pieces of equipment and 100 employees.
The scope of work had grown to include grading commercial and industrial sites,
water and sewer treatment plants, reservoirs, golf courses and highways, many
of which included installation of site utilities.  

In 1977 a restructuring of the company eliminated the utility division with 
continued growth in the heavy earth moving projects.  By 1985 there were 
100 pieces of heavy earth moving, an average of 90 full time employees and
added experience of grading portions of the Charlotte/Douglass International
Airport, respective runways, and the Charlotte Coliseum.

In 1988-1989 the company continued to expand its operations with the renovation
and two story addition to the main office.  In 1996 the company continued to grow
with the addition of a fleet of 36 tandem dump trucks.

At McWhirter Grading Company, we have developed a strong, solid company
based on our experience in commercial and industrial clearing, grading, hauling
and excavating.  During an average year of operation, we typically clear and 
grade nearly 2,000 acres of land and move as much as 6 million cubic yards of
material...  Previous large earth moving projects included the excavation of over
3 million cubic yards of material on the 660 acre BMW manufacturing facility in
South Carolina and 21 miles of I-485 in Charlotte.

McWhirter Grading Company operates mainly out of North Carolina, but extends
opportunities into the surrounding states of South Carolina, Georgia,
Tennessee and Virginia.  We are licensed highway contractors in both North and
South Carolina.

The company enjoys an excellent and ever growing reputation of honesty,
integrity, diligence, and professionalism with numerous repeat clients in and out
of the Charlotte area.  We are always open to new opportunities, new techniques,
and new adventures to better the company as a whole.